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Symphony of Cells

Symphony of the Cells™, SOC, takes a holistic approach to wellness, and recognizes the importance of taking proper care of our bodies. It encompasses a variety of tailored essential oil applications, that target different body systems and related conditions.


Boyd Truman created the different SOC applications, based on over 26 years of experience in the wellness industry and firsthand use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Each application targets a specific body system and includes a list of essential oils that - through experience and training - Boyd found to be best served for that system.  The application technique involves layering the oils on areas where a high volume of nerve endings are located: across the entire back and to the bottoms of the feet.



The SOC applications were created by Boyd, in order to empower others to grow their confidence in applying essential oils. The applications allow the user to experience and share the power of essential oils. They can be performed on yourself or on others, which means you can also use them as a means to grow your team or business.

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